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Established in 1999, Rural Alliance, Inc. (RAI) was formed as a nonprofit public benefit corporation designed to support the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), a forty-member county service organization, by providing technical support, assisting with program administration, and facilitating applied research projects to support rural California.

In its early years, Rural Alliance, Inc. oversaw several programs, including homebuyer assistance programs, scholarship programs for students in RCRC member counties, educational initiatives, and rural tours for urban legislators.

In 2004, Rural Alliance, Inc. and its programming went dormant, where, despite a significant push to revive the program in 2014, it largely remained until recent years. In late 2021, the Rural Alliance, Inc. Board of Directors decided to resurrect the organization's programming, focusing on facilitating educational tours and sponsoring research.

Today, Rural Alliance, Inc. looks toward a promising future, as we actively develop and implement programs that increase knowledge of rural issues. We look forward to collaborating with our partners to support rural communities with solutions that are essential to meet both local and statewide challenges.

Completed Projects

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming projects

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